Myrna L. Enamorado

Artist and Writer

Myrna Leticia Enamorado is the artist known as ponytess.  Ponytess is not about a horse.  It's about an animal in the ocean.  The name became her dj personality at the progressive radio station where she played lots of weird music on a progressive station.  She worked her way up to producer for a big corporation.  Now life is a permanent vacation, painting, and drawing, and writing illustrated fairytale books, three of which are published and available for purchase at various online retailers: Waterfalls in Oregon, Roses and Shaving Cream, and Growing Flowers by Candlelight.  


Inspired by the immensity of a starry sky, the natural cycles of the moon, or the pulsing, infinite vibrations of waterfalls.  I create work to feel connection, to escape, to create a utopian reality.  The result is akin to the alchemical qualities of the unicorn's horn or the phantasmagoric influence of fairytales.

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