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Ponytess, aka Myrna L. Enamorado, is an artist, author, former DJ , and reiki master from Kenner, Louisiana. She began exhibiting her artwork in 2003 throughout New Orleans and internationally in 2011.  Her first poem was published in 1998 and she has since released three illustrated fairytales. Ponytess has also had the opportunity to live in Paris and New York, where she studied art history at La Sorbonne, and art therapy at the School of Visual Arts.  She graduated from Tulane University in 2002 with a double major in French and Communication with a minor in Film Studies.  She received her reiki master level attunement from Cloud Yoga Reiki Academy in 2023.  With a passion for storytelling, Ponytess’s work often explores themes of identity, magic, and transformation.



I started drawing people to make connections during a period of illness.  The first person I drew was myself.  As I looked in the mirror and created the lines that loosely tied my head on to my body, it became apparent that the self-portraits became more lifelike when my clarity of thought was more sensible.  As time went on, and I felt ready to rejoin society, I started to draw the people around me.  Usually, I draw close friends or acquaintances that I want to get to know better.  The careful way I delineate people’s features brings them close to me, as I approach their contours with my pen on the paper.  I use archival ink on watercolor paper to bring to life their unique qualities.  Piece by piece the people on paper are small, but together they make up a sizable crowd. 


Miniature Show; Nola 'Nacular; New Orleans, LA - October 7th-November 3, 2023

Artboxy; Lelie Galerij; Amsterdam, Netherlands - December 1st-23rd, 2022

Artbox.Projects; Case del Arte; Palma de Mallorca, Spain-2022

Artbox.Projects Gallery; Zurich, Switzerland-2021

Artbox.Projects Barcelona 1.0; Barcelona, Spain--2021

Fairy Falls, The Tigermen Den; New Orleans, LA—2017

Things: A Still Life Show, 5 Press Gallery; New Orleans, LA — 2016

Growing Flowers By Candlelight In My Hotel Room for Prospect 3, The Tigermen Den; New Orleans, LA —2013 - 2014

Paintings solo show, Ten Art Salon; New Orleans, LA — 2012

Mermaids, permanent collection, Brooklyn Art Museum, Brooklyn NY — 2012

The Sketchbook Project Tour, U.S. and Canada — 2012

The Celestial Unicorn solo show, Mimi’s In The Marigny; New Orleans, LA — 2011

Salon des Refuses, Trouser House; New Orleans, LA—2011

Avant Garden, Joan Mitchell Center; New Orleans, LA—2011

The Backyard Ballroom; New Orleans, LA — 2010

The People of Paper, Sidearm Gallery; New Orleans, LA — 2010

Gorgamon, Good Children Gallery; New Orleans, LA — 2010

Haiti Benefit, Barrister’s Gallery; New Orleans, LA — 2010

Taint Modern, 3 Ring Circus Big Top Gallery; New Orleans, LA—2009

Babylon Lexicon, Antenna Gallery; New Orleans, LA — 2009

Sidearm Gallery; New Orleans, LA — 2009

Faubourg Marigny Art and Books; New Orleans, LA — 2009

Studio at Colton School for Prospect 1; New Orleans, LA — 2009

Treading Lightly, One Foot In The Door, Waterfall Arts Gallery; Belfast, ME — 2008

Venus Rising for Prospect 1, Oyster Factory; New Orleans, LA — 2008

Elemental 3, Home Space Gallery; New Orleans, LA — 2008

Artgasm, Nola Candle; New Orleans, LA — 2008

Women’s Health Center Benefit Auction, Housing Works Cafe and Bookstore; New York, NY — 2007

Transitional Space, School of Visual Arts Gallery; New York, NY 2007

International Ex Libris Print Exchange, The Bunnell Gallery; Homer, AL 2007

International Ex Libris Print Exchange, International Gallery of Contemporary Art; Anchorage, AL 2006

Ponytess, Sound Cafe; New Orleans, LA 2006

Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon Auction, New Orleans, LA 2005

Vaguely Familiar, The Country Club, New Orleans, LA 2004

Altered Perceptions, Barrister’s Gallery; New Orleans, LA 2004

Incite Women’s Conference Auction; New Orleans, LA 2004

Portraits, Space Gallery; New Orleans, LA 2004

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