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Loosely based on a Buddhist parable, this fairytale about a girl who likes to grow flowers by candlelight surprises and enchants with carefully rendered pastel portraits of the witchy characters she meets along her quest for independence.


Praise for Growing Flowers by Candlelight:


"This lovely and whimsical tale by artist/poet Ponytess is at once parable and dream, a story about a journey, magic, and redemption. Originally hand-made and bound with twine, the work is an ephemeral collection of vivid, imaginative, wide-eyed pastel drawings, interwoven with the surreal and beautiful images evoked by the author’s unique writing style—between story and prose poem. Each page is elegantly framed in little golden buttons, recalling the style of sacred medieval texts.

Reading “Growing Flowers By Candlelight'' is like watching French surrealist film at its best. I highly recommend purchasing this gorgeous, colorful, and extraordinary work about a girl who chooses to become free, as quoted here: “I had it all along, and I never knew my worth, and then when I found it, my curse was lifted.” -Joe Woodland


"Dear, dear, Myrna! I just received your book and immediately started reading and experiencing the deep fairy, straight, misty, wisdom of it. It so inspiring! Thank you so, so much! It means a lot to me XXXXXXXXXXXX" -Linde ten Broek







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Growing Flowers By Candlelight

Roses And Shaving Cream

A woman's chance meeting with a shaman dissolves into obsession and visionary madness. Blood marks every page of handwriting, and meticulous line drawings depict the haunting hallucinations caused by her harrowing passion over an unavailable magic man.


Praise for Roses and Shaving Cream:


"Enigmatic, haunting, and lyrical - this exploration into a strange and magical folie a deux is filled with mystery and images that stay with you long after the last page is turned..." -Angel Polacheck

Waterfalls in Oregon

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 Page takes Maya to visit the waterfalls in Oregon and everything is beautiful, cascading, and romantic until she gets struck by a deadly curse back home at her family orchard in Louisiana. The legend of the nightingale singer is fully illustrated with black and white pen and ink drawings and original text by Myrna L. Enamorado aka Ponytess.

Praise for Waterfalls In Oregon:

"Waterfalls in Oregon," by Myrna l Enamorado, is a fantastic and imaginative tale of change and growth told in the surrealistic and delightful style of Bruno Schulz. Guaranteed to dazzle with its rich imagery and accompanying artwork, this book will enchant the reader who comes upon it." -Nola Woodland

"The dynamic tale of the nightingale singer, Maya, is brought to life in Waterfalls in Oregon by Myrna L. Enamorado. Spanning the serene mountains of Oregon to the lusty metropolis of New Orleans, the power of place is highlighted in Maya’s fantastical journey of transformation, love and loss. Striking original artwork creates a whimsical world of spotty owls, sword-swallowers, shattered mirrors, and even the Devil himself, delightfully transporting the reader into Maya’s mystical world. Overall a truly engaging and unique work of art by the talented Ponytess!" -Meredith Town

The Fairy In The Garden

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The Fairy In The Garden is an illustrated fairytale intended for adults about a woman named Blanca that finds a fairy that springs to life in her home. Equal parts enchanting and deranging, the paranoiac thoughts that confront Blanca during the year of the quarantine threaten to limit her freedom until she finds promise in an optical illusion that ultimately leads to a happy ending.

Praise for The Fairy In The Garden

"What an interesting story and the drawings are fantastic! Nice work, Myrna!" -Robert Azzarello

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